At Grizzly Inspections Ltd., we understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of mobile equipment used in various industries. Serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas, we specialize in comprehensive structural inspections of mobile equipment to help maintain your operations smoothly and safely.



Manlifts are essential for tasks that require work at height, from construction sites to warehouse operations. Structural inspections are vital to detect any potential failures that could pose serious safety risks. In Alberta the requirement is to have your boomlift structurally inspected once it is 10 years old, then every 5 years after that unless the unit has been involved in an incident. At that point then it is required that a structural inspection be done to ensure the incident didn’t cause any integrity issues. However, most of our clients get them done every year as most plant and construction sites around Edmonton require annual structural inspections. By having annual inspections done on your manlift you are reducing your company’s liability and protecting your workers from accidents that could potentially be prevented by having a structural inspection performed.
Brand New Skyjack Scissorlift


Scissorlifts are widely used for their ability to provide a stable platform for workers performing tasks at various heights. Structural inspections help identify issues such as missing or cracked welds, dents and twists in structural members which could compromise the scissorlift’s stability and functionality. In Alberta, Scissorlifts are just like boomlifts and only need to be structurally inspected after an incident or once it turns 10 years old, then every 5 years after that. But just like manlifts, most sites in Edmonton and area require annual structural inspections to be allowed on site. By ensuring that your scissorlifts are in top condition, we help you prevent operational downtime and extend the equipment’s lifespan.
Aerial Bucket Truck

Aerial Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks play a critical role in numerous sectors, including utilities and telecommunications, by facilitating overhead work. Structural inspections of bucket trucks are crucial to ensuring that the boom and bucket assembly are free of cracks, corrosion, or other damage that could lead to catastrophic failures while workers are in the air. Regular inspections not only safeguard the operators but also ensure that these vital pieces of equipment can perform efficiently without unexpected interruptions. This also includes Dielectric Testing of the fiberglass components.
Digger Derrick

Digger Derricks

Digger derricks are indispensable in heavy-duty operations such as setting poles and hoisting heavy loads. Structural inspections and Dielectric Testing are necessary to check for structural integrity issues in the boom, auger mount, and other critical components. These inspections help mitigate the risk of accidents due to equipment failure, ensuring a safer work environment and adherence to industry standards.

At, we pride ourselves on providing expert structural inspections conducted by certified inspectors. Our thorough approach ensures that your mobile equipment adheres to the highest safety standards, helping you avoid costly repairs and downtime. Contact us today to schedule your mobile equipment inspection and ensure your operations remain safe and compliant.