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Crane Boom Inspection

Crane Inspection

As per Alberta OHS, Mobile Cranes need to be inspected annually by a professional engineer. With our 16 years of experience inspecting all different types of cranes, we can help keep your equipment safe. The last thing you want is a structural failure of your crane.

Do you have a scissorlift, boom lift (manlift), Digger Derrick, or Bucket Truck in your fleet? Maybe you are a rental company that has your equipment on a plant site. There is no law in Alberta requiring scissorlifts/boom lifts to be structurally inspected annually (The law says every 5 years, once it turns 10 years old). However, most sites require annual inspections for liability purposes. Make sure before you get your equipment on site, that you have an up to date certification.

If your Aerial Bucket Truck or Digger Derrick has an insulating fiberglass section, then it needs a Dielectric Test at least every 12 months according to the CSA and ANSI codes. We can come to site and perform the Dielectric Test and a Structural NDT inspection at the same time to help reduce downtime of your equipment.

Just recently modified your crane? Or mounted a crane onto a new chassis? Our load and stability testing services come to you to test your crane. We can either use weights that you provide or we can bring a water bag that is capable of holding 25 tons of water.

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